Who is getting in the way of your dreams?

Here we are, about to step into a brand new year, the ink still wet on our freshly made promises to ourselves, our minds full of possibilities and potential, and already, cynicism and self-doubt are creeping in.

“You are such a mess,” your inner critic chides. “You know you’re not going to stick with this,” she whispers as she rolls her eyes. “And who cares anyhow?”

It never fails. Just when we get excited and start to build forward momentum, that critic shows up with a big old DETOUR sign and lures us off track. I hate her.

Please listen carefully. We need to shut that voice down. The incessant chirping of your inner critic is simply not serving you. She needs to go.

Want to know what does serve you? Surrounding yourself with people who share your vision for what’s possible. That’s the single best thing you can do to help you achieve the goals you’ve set for yourself.

, Who is getting in the way of your dreams?

The time-tested assertion that we become like the five people we spend the most time with is true. In whose company are you spending your time? Give that a little thought. Jot down the names that come to mind. Think about the people you talk with every day as you make your list. Whose voices carry the most weight?

Now ask yourself this. Are you letting the voice of your inner critic claim one of those precious five spots? Sadly, most of us are.

If you find that this is true, here’s the plan. Let’s elbow that vocal critic out of the way by inviting wise and encouraging voices into our inner circle. In fact, let’s fill our entire extended circle – well beyond the closest five – with the very best people we can find. These are the people who can shush that inner critic when she speaks harshly in our ear. These are the people who will remind us of what we believe in and who will help us to grow.

Who has room for the detractors, the naysayers, the gossips, the judgmental types? Your inner critic may be the ringleader, but all too often she invites friends to the party. Whom are you letting into your circle that doesn’t belong? Can you really afford to keep them so close? Do they deserve to hold your dreams in their hands? Are they serving you and your vision for yourself? If not…

Maybe it’s time to build a new circle.

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It’s 2019. It’s time to be brilliant. Tell your inner critic she can take the year off.



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Based on a post originally published January 7, 2016

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