Permission To Prioritize YOU

Make room for yourself right in the middle of your very full life.

It can be so much better.

You're frustrated, exhausted, and overwhelmed, and if we're being honest, you might also be starting to feel resentful or taken advantage of. 

You have no time for yourself and sometimes you feel like you're even neglecting the people you love.

There's just not enough of you to go around, especially because everyone else's needs keep getting bumped ahead of yours.  

Stop saying 'it is what it is'. 

you're so over it...


After 22 years (and counting) of marriage, a 15 year corporate career, 12 years of coaching, hundreds of women guided, and thousands of lives impacted, all while raising 3 pretty amazing kids, I can say, I've been there.

 And I KNOW there's a better way. 

You're doing it all because you think that's what's expected of you. 

A life where you run, run, run, and do, do, do, has become so normal you can't imagine living with any kind of ease or flow.

But you can.

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It all starts when you...






Here's what you'll notice when you take this path...

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Your energy surges

You wake up feeling rested and have enough stamina to get through the day without that afternoon Starbucks run.

You feel calm & in control

Your nervous system gets the memo to move out of fight or flight so you can breathe again - bonus: you stop snapping at the kids and bursting into tears at a moment's notice.

Your confidence soars

You know what you want and you're ready to go get it with the full force of your personal power.

You find time to do what you want to do

Your calendar is full of things you GET to do instead of things you HAVE to do because you've learned to say no and leaned into delegation.

Your friends & family notice a change in you

You seem lighter, happier, and have a renewed sense of ease.

Doesn't that sound so much better?

You can think more clearly

Once the swirl of thoughts in your head settles like a snowglobe that's no longer being shaken, you become crystal clear on where to invest your time, energy and focus for maximum wellbeing.

You start to dream again

Because you have time and space to just BE ...and that space fills with glimmers of possibility that light you up.

You feel a sense of peace and presence

You learn to live in the moment so you fall asleep at night secure that you are doing enough, and more importantly that you ARE enough.

The practices I developed for my own use have now been adopted by women who work for companies like:

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If you want to see what all the buzz is about...

and can I let you in on a little secret?

It's because they work.


It's time to prioritize YOU

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“I have to say I have had the BEST week I can remember in a long time! I've accomplished a ton, felt so much more present with friends and family, and truly enjoyed play/rest time that I was able to set aside.”


“This has been the ultimate support system - one I didn’t even know I needed! The women here have held space for me, supported me, laughed with me, cried with me and helped me navigate the messy middle! The whole experience has saved my sanity!”


“This is honestly one of the best investments I have made in my life! The program is absolutely fantastic. It's been enlightening to understand where my time and energy are actually going, and now I have a process in place to dedicate more time to my own wants and needs.”


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I love to play with words, so until I write a book, this blog is your direct line to what’s on my mind or on my heart!

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Ambitious women like you have a LOT to do. So, if you want to spend less of your life on what you "have to do" and more on what you "want to do," then join me each week for ideas, inspiration, and insight on how to make the shift.

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I started Brilliant Balance to share what I wish someone would have taught me back when I was drowning in a sea of unmet expectations and undone tasks. 

I was always so worried that something would suffer - my work, my home, my marriage, my kids - when in truth, I was the one who was suffering. 

I want you to learn from my mistakes, and build a life where you feel absolutely confident that you have enough time and space for all the things that matter most to you.

Time for your work . Time for the people you love . And time for YOURSELF

It's really NOT too much to ask for, and helping you get it has become my life's work.

Let's go make your dream life your real life. Together.

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