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Speaking & Workshops

Cherylanne partners with companies and organizations to deliver keynotes, virtual training sessions and longer workshops to engage with audiences and inspire them to think differently.

Coaching & Community

Members of our BOLD coaching cohorts get expert coaching and accountability, a customized training pathway, community support and more through an exclusive year-long engagement.

Brilliant Balance Podcast

Each week the top-rated Brilliant Balance podcast brings importnat perspective shifts, practical strategies, and stimulating conversations with thought-leaders to help ambitious women thrive.

Supporting extraordinary women in pursuit of their full potential in business and life.

Brilliant balance

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"In 2019, after a grueling overnight shift as an emergency veterinarian, I stumbled across a video from Cherylanne on Facebook. 'Are you burned out? Would you like to be brilliantly balanced?' she asked. Tears streamed down my face as I realized how burned out I felt. Despite ten years in practice, I doubted my skills and my place in the profession. That moment, hearing Cherylanne's words, became a turning point for me. Joining Brilliant Balance gave me the tools, community, and framework I needed to move from burnout to balance and brilliance. It truly transformed my life."

Laura moved from burnout and self-doubt to owning her expertise.

Laura, veterinarian

You are beating the odds, climbing the ranks or charting your own course as a business owner. Success at this level will require a new set of skills, shifts in your mindset and a powerful community for support and accountability.


As an owner, every day is packed with decision-making, and while you excel at it, decision fatigue is real. You're ready to take your business to the next level, but you need mentorship that goes beyond mindset shifts. You need practical knowledge and accountability to propel you forward. You want advice and proven systems to help you dream bigger, plan better, and execute your next chapter with confidence.

Rewrite the rules and
expand your impact

Helping female entrepreneurs own their ambition and leverage their expertise

You are leading meetings, leading teams and leading the way, but you still have doubts and fears. With everyone looking to you for answers, there’s little room to show uncertainty. 
You take pride in mentoring women who follow in your footsteps, but who can mentor you? BOLD Coaching cohorts weave together coaching, training and community to support women who share the pressures you face daily.

Advising female leaders as they excel at the highest levels in companies


"Through the BOLD membership, I've completely transformed my business—quadrupling revenue, doubling my team, and streamlining all our processes. It's truly the best investment I've ever made. Additionally, Cherylanne and the Brilliant Balance team have fostered an inspirational community of women. The connections I've made are lifelong, and I feel blessed to walk this journey with them."

Jessica transformed her business leading to 4X revenue growth.

Jessica, architect, businEss owner

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Stop Feeling So Tired All the Time! Learn simple strategies for working women that really work (and don't involve an afternoon Starbucks run!)

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I love to play with words, so until I write a book, this blog is your direct line to what’s on my mind or on my heart!

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Ambitious women like you have a LOT to do. So, if you want to spend less of your life on what you "have to do" and more on what you "want to do," then join me each week for ideas, inspiration, and insight on how to make the shift.

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I started Brilliant Balance to share what I wish someone would have taught me back when I was drowning in a sea of unmet expectations and undone tasks. 

I was always so worried that something would suffer - my work, my home, my marriage, my kids - when in truth, I was the one who was suffering. 

I want you to learn from my mistakes, and build a life where you feel absolutely confident that you have enough time and space for all the things that matter most to you.

Time for your work. Time for the people you love. And time for YOURSELF.

It's really NOT too much to ask for, and helping you get it has become my life's work.

Let's go make your dream life your real life. Together.

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