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Virtual Workshops

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Keep employees engaged, productive, and inspired with sessions tailored specifically to your needs.

We'll customize one of our topics (or create something totally new according to your needs) and deliver a two to three hour interactive workshop.

Stop Saying I Can't & Get in the Driver’s Seat of Your Life

potential topics include:

Work-life Balance REDEFINED

Why Mentorship Still Matters in the Modern Workplace

Building Resilience & Mental Toughness in Times of Uncertainty

Having It All Never Meant Doing It All

Finding Your Way to a Future You Love—Because Success without Fulfillment is Failure

Building a Balanced Business (Without Breaking Your Life)

“Cherylanne was just GREAT! I related to a lot of what was presented. She was very open and had a "conversational" way of presenting that kept my interest — i.e. it wasn't like she was reading off of a notecard. Very enjoyable and good use of my time!”

- Hewlett Packard Enterprise

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keynote speaking

Inspire Your Team with an Energizing Keynote

As an authority on work-life balance, finding your purpose, and achieving your full potential, Cherylanne shines as a speaker. She connects with audiences through moving stories and expert coaching techniques, and makes a lasting impact. Cherylanne takes care to understand the unique composition and needs of attendees, and balances well-researched information with real-world pragmatism.

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“Cherylanne was great! I love how engaging she was. She really gave a different and helpful perspective on work-life balance. Really motivating speaker with excellent articulation.”

- Hewlett Packard Enterprise

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work-life coaching

Provide Work-Life Coaching for Your Highest Potential Women

With our signature Revive program, women build a personalized plan so they can t be their best at work AND at home. Revive is designed to improve mindsets, increase energy, scale up productivity, and help women feel a deep sense of fulfillment.

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Kathy is our Director of Corporate Partnerships. She joined Brilliant Balance in March 2020 after a long career of successful leadership roles with several prestigious multinational companies. Her experience transforming organizations and talent systems as well as coaching her teams, peers, private clients and friends has led her to “home” at Brilliant Balance. Kathy is the proud mother of two grown sons who have launched into their own exciting careers and lives.

Kathy applies the Brilliant Balance growth mindset to her adventures as an avid traveler, as well as in her enthusiasm for cooking and trying new recipes for her family and friends.


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“ Brilliant Balance creates experiences that feel like a treat. ”

"The people we've sent through Brilliant Balance programs always say, 'This is like nothing that we've ever done at work.' Brilliant Balance creates experiences that feel like a treat. The team is relatable & authentic, and they deliver exceptional results."

 Jennifer - Sr Business Transformation Leader Executive VP - US Bank

“I'm setting boundaries & prioritizing the things that are important to me each & every day.”

"I was getting things done, but some of the them were just not in alignment with how I wanted to show up in my career. After working with Brilliant Balance, I'm setting boundaries & prioritizing the things that are important to me each & every day, because I know it's necessary in order for me to show up at my highest potential."

- Kellie - Attorney

“After working with Cherylanne, I'm securing multiple five-figure projects, even six-figure projects.”

"I was struggling to bid five-figure jobs - it was very uncomfortable for me. After working with Cherylanne, I'm securing multiple five-figure projects, even six-figure projects. I'm forecasting beyond a year & it's so much less stressful. I didn't realize how much my mindset and my own personal limiting beliefs were getting in my way."

- Jessi - Founder & Creative Director, Print & Pixel Creative


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