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I Want to Take More Time for Myself...

It’s such a rush to see these women giving themselves time (and permission!) to do the things they love! But when we met, most of them would have traded just about anything for even an HOUR to themselves. And yet here they are, regularly making time for the things that make life worth living.

Want to know how they made the shift? Watch this 3-minute video.

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I Want to be More Productive & Organized…

These women felt the same! And while I love being productive and having things in order, I also know how hard it is to control the chaos with an active family all living under one roof. That’s why I’m so proud of these women for putting things in order and learning to keep them that way! 

Want to learn how they did it? Watch this 3-minute video.

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I Want to Have More Courage & Confidence...

These women did, too! Confidence is an outcome of living with courage…and that’s exactly what these women are doing today. But, when I met them, they all said “I wish I could feel more confident” - and just look at them now!

Want to feel more courageous and tap into your own sense of confidence? Watch this 3-minute video.

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I Want to be More Present for my Partner, Kids, & Friends…

These women did, too! And while they may be making it look easy now, it wasn’t always that way. Between household chores, work, and parenting, finding time for the special people in your life can be incredibly challenging. So how did they start to protect space? 

Watch this 3-minute video to learn what they did.

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I Want to Feel Less Drained & More Fulfilled in my Work Life…

That’s what these women wanted, too. I love to see them doing work that lights them up now, but when I first met them, many felt trapped in jobs they’d outgrown. They found their way to a better place and you can too.

Want to know how? Watch this 3-minute video.

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