What energy are you bringing to the (Thanksgiving) table? | Cherylanne Skolnicki

What energy are you bringing to the (Thanksgiving) table?

Happy Thanksgiving!

I don’t know about you, but I seriously LOVE this holiday.

It’s such a great opportunity to pause, reflect, and just enjoy the company of loved ones, along with a ton of great food. And maybe some football.

That being said, you may already filled with anxiety, dread, or plain old stress about this week.

I totally get it. Turned on its head, Thanksgiving can feel overwhelming and like a downright chore.

Like any family gathering, there are certainly aspects of it that are beyond your control.

There are less than desirable family dynamics. There are wild children who are out of their routines. There is just a LOT of work, both in the prep and the clean-up.

And there are opinions, emotions, and overall good and bad energy from everyone that can really impact the day.

So what if you decided – right now – that, even though there are many things outside of your control, you will own the energy YOU bring this year?

For example, if you have complicated family relationships, what if you commit to yourself that you will not to use this week to dig into them? You might even prep for certain interactions with your partner or a family member beforehand.

If you are dreading a painfully boring day (or weekend) of family small talk, try to bring some fun activities or new ideas, like one of these:

Make a DIY family game

Start an interesting conversation

Watch a movie

If you’re hosting and/or cooking and are already feeling overwhelmed, there is still time to ask for help!

And for heaven’s sake, commit to accepting help when it’s offered! As the saying goes, many hands make light work.

So to recap:

You’re going to own the energy you bring to the Thanksgiving table on Thursday.

You’re going to prepare in advance to handle tough interactions.

You’re going to infuse some fun where it’s needed.

And you’re going to accept help if you’re overwhelmed.

And who knows? Maybe this Thanksgiving will be your favorite one yet!

, What energy are you bringing to the (Thanksgiving) table?

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Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours…

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