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Episode #309 – You Can’t Change your Life with a Maybe

September 26, 2023

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There’s a behavior almost all of us exhibit.

We delay decisions, because we’re not sure what we want yet. And so much time flies by without any action taken, because we’re still unsure, saying ‘maybe’.

It could be an important decision to change careers, pick a course to study, or even something as simple as changing the furniture in your living room. But since you’re unsure, you don’t do it.

You say ‘maybe’.

What you don’t know is that your inability to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ holds you back from achieving the level of transformation and growth possible for you. It’s impossible to grow by saying ‘maybe’ and not committing to any one decision.

You have to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’. You have to take that step forward. Because only you possess the power to change your life with a simple decision.

So what can you do to break out of that behavioral cycle of constantly saying ‘maybe’, and start making decisions that move your life forward?

In this episode, you’ll discover why you’re addicted to ‘maybe.’ You’ll also figure out how to get yourself to eradicate indecision and finally take the steps that transform your life.

Listen in…

Show Highlights Include:

  • 3 recognizable patterns that keep you stuck at ‘maybe’ (and how these patterns slow your progress to a halt). (3:45)
  • How having more than one option to choose from can paralyze you (and how to break out of this paralysis and make a decision). (4:05)
  • How even your own brain works against you and keeps you from making bold choices that move the needle. (6:18)
  • The ‘time trap’ most of us fall into when making decisions (and why you must develop the skill to make decisions now). (8:02)
  • 3 techniques to eliminate the ‘maybes’ (so you can make decisions that give you consistent progress towards your goals). (10:44)
  • The “Small Decisions” secret for achieving consistent progress (and why this works better than making big commitments).  (16:03)

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