“Making Spirits Bright” this Monday

December 12, 2016

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After a weekend of holiday hustle, you may be feeling a little run down. It’s hard to keep the spirit of Christmas alive when your feet hurt, you’ve had one too many peppermint mochas, and you can’t find a Hatchimal anywhere (as in literally anywhere). 

When your Christmas spirit starts to sag, you need a way to give it a lift. A way to restore the sparkle to the season. A way to make your spirit bright again.

The very best way I know to do this is to turn your focus away from yourself and to shine your light on someone else.

Are you ready to make some spirits bright today?? 

I may have just the thing.

Last week, I learned of 27 families in my hometown of Cincinnati who could use a few angels with bright spirits right about now.

These hard-working families have 50 children among them, kids who are just as excited about Christmas as yours and mine. They’re singing carols and making ornaments and driving past homes lit up for the holiday, but there’s one big difference. These children simply will not have a gift to open this year unless someone steps in. Someone with a big heart and a bright spirit.

Will that be you?

Will you help me provide a Christmas gift for each of these 50 little ones? 

Here’s the story…

My friend Sarah is a teacher at St. Cecilia School,  a K-8 school in Cincinnati. A significant number of their students live well below the poverty line, despite their hard-working parent or guardian’s best efforts to provide for their family.

Sarah has a big heart and has found herself staring down of a long list of kids this Christmas whose needs are many. While there are agencies providing food and other assistance, there is no plan for gifts for these kiddos.

And that breaks my heart.

Now listen, I know you’ve already bought gifts for the Angel Tree at your church, or for Toys for Tots, or for someone at your own child’s school. 

So have I. 

But you know what?

I still have another $25 in my wallet that I really won’t miss.  And if that $25 can put a gift under the tree to show one of these children that she’s just as worthy of a gift as my own child is, then I’m going to offer that up with an open heart.

I hope you will too.

If you are ready and willing to help…

We need 50 big-hearted people to give $25 each to provide a Christmas gift for each of these children! 

Your contribution will be used to buy one gift for each child and to put it into the hands of their parents to deliver on Christmas morning. 

Just imagine those little faces when they get something they never expected because of YOUR kindness. 

The thought delights me. 

I hope it delights you, too. And I hope you’ll help. 

Ready to make some magic?


How to Donate:

1) Click here to donate. (Suggested donation is $25 – you may certainly give more or less) To make this easy and since time is of the essence, Sarah has put together a page using a site called “Deposit a Gift” where you will make your secure contribution*.

2) All donations need to be in by Thursday, December 15th so if you’re planning to contribute, please take two minutes and do it now – it’s super quick!

3) Just in case you all blow us away with your generosity (and I have a feeling you might), the needs of these families don’t miraculously end after Christmas. Any extra funds collected will be use to support these same children throughout the winter and spring (when they outgrow their coat or their shoes or their backpack rips, etc)


From my heart to yours, THANK YOU for helping to make a little magic for these littles!

Merry, merry Christmas to you – may your heart be warm and your spirit be bright.


* There is a 4% fee for this service, so your actual usable contribution on a $25 donation is $24.

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