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Magic moments: Adding joy to your holiday hustle

December 12, 2023

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As we navigate the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, it can all start to feel like a whole lot of work and not so much fun. This is especially true for moms who are often responsible for creating the magic for everyone else. This year, what if we infuse a little extra joy to turn ordinary moments into magical ones? Whether it’s watching festive movies, taking extra good care of  ourselves, or spreading cheer to others, these 12 joys of Christmas are sure to brighten your celebrations.

(1) Subscribe to the Hallmark Channel. Tis the season to indulge in cheesy Christmas movies for an extra dose of holiday cheer. In my mind, Hallmark Christmas Movies are the perfect backdrop for holiday wrapping and sipping a festive beverage.

(2) Holiday themed workouts. Turn on a holiday playlist or explore the new Peloton entertainment feature while exercising. You can even create your own version by pairing your workout with the Hallmark Channel.

(3) Grab a holiday beverage and get a red manicure. This is one of my faves – pick a Friday and treat yourself to a holiday beverage and a red manicure for an instant festive mood boost. 

(4) Decorate your car. I love the idea of adding a wreath to the grill of your car for a festive touch. You might even consider reindeer antlers or colorful lights for extra holiday flair. (Your kids will roll their eyes – do it anyhow!)

(5) Get matching holiday PJs for the crew. Treat everyone to  matching holiday pajamas.Wear them all month long for a cozy and festive tradition. Bonus points if your elf delivers them on December 1st!

(6) Host a Secret Santa with friends. Organize a stress-free Secret Santa or gift exchange with friends. Keep the dollar amount low for added simplicity and fun.

(7) Hang mistletoe. Hang mistletoe and embrace the holiday tradition of kissing under it to spread joy and festive vibes throughout your home.

(8) Purchase a luxe advent calendar. Treat yourself to a fancy advent calendar from your favorite beauty brand or other fun items like tea, coffee, or chocolate truffles. Open a little treat every morning leading up to Christmas while your kids are opening theirs!

(9)  Tuck a mug of candy canes next to your coffee maker. I snag one every chance I get throughout the holiday season. Plus, they’re adorbs.

(10) Go caroling. You don’t even need musical talent for this, just enthusiasm – bundle up  as a family or with friends and spread some joy throughout your neighborhood. 

(11) Dress up your pet. Dress up your pet in holiday accessories or outfits. You might even be able to find a “Reindog Parade” if you’re lucky!

(12) Put out treats for delivery drivers. Create a basket or box of treats for the delivery drivers who are working extra hard during the busy holiday season. They’ll love it!

I hope these ideas add a little sparkle to your holiday season. Remember, this is supposed to be a season that’s merry and bright – not overloaded and exhausting – so give yourself permission to be a little “extra!”

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