Get Out of That Rut and Get Your Groove Back with 5 Simple Shifts

, Get Out of That Rut and Get Your Groove Back with 5 Simple Shifts

I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling ‘22. 

That’s right 2022 – I’m coming for ya. We may have started out a little wobbly but I’m determined to finish this year strong.

That means starting NOW, I’m ready to shed the fear, hesitancy, and languishing that have been hallmarks of the last two years. 

I’m going to stop hiding behind my laptop, and my zoom meetings, and all of the other screens that seem to stand between me and other human beings all day long. 

No more numbing out. No more isolation. 

I’m going to find a new rhythm for my day-to-day life – because if I’m being honest, the one that worked for me two years ago just isn’t cutting it anymore, no matter how much I cling to it. 

I want to do more work that matters. And I want peace. And fulfillment. 

Don’t you?

And guess what? It’s actually possible when you make a few shifts to your perspective and your habits. There are five shifts in particular that I’ve been working through over the last few months. And I’m ready to tell you all about them. 

I want you to join me for a FREE workshop where I’m going to walk you through them, and how you can put them into practice to get your groove back. 

I’ll be teaching this free workshop LIVE on April 5 and 6 in a Facebook pop-up group. Definitely attend live if it works for your schedule (and if you want to ask me questions). But if not, I’ll also leave up the recordings so you can watch later. Once you register, I’ll send you all the details.





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