Do you need to invest in some “Me Time”?

April 6, 2018

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If you’re ready to skip this post because the idea of “Me Time” sounds like an unrealistic fantasy within the demands of your life, stay with me for a second.

Me Time doesn’t have to be a five-day getaway to a luxury spa or even a two-day girls weekend in a fun city.

Me Time can be the hour you book for a manicure, or the glass of really good wine you enjoy after the kids are in bed and the dishes are done. It can be a phone call to an old friend during your evening commute (or while you wait in your car at dance lessons or cheerleading practice).

It can even simply be a series of stolen moments to remind yourself of who you are when you’re being the most authentic you.

Issues arise when we start to live every moment of every day for someone else. Yes, we can be of great service to others when we put ourselves second, and we all need to spend some of our time doing exactly that.

But, when we do so for too long, we lose touch with the things that make our souls sing and our hearts flutter. Art. Music. Sunshine. Sports. Reading. Running. Theater. Special people.

If I gave you 30 minutes right now to do whatever you want, would you be ready? Would you have a list of options from which to choose? Or would it take you time to even remember what it is you like to do?

If you’ve lost touch with your own desires, it’s time to reconnect with them. Spend your first bit of Me Time making a list of all the things that make you tingle with anticipation. Then make plans to go DO one of them. Soon.

Stolen moments strung together are enough to rekindle your inner sparkle.

Soon enough, that sparkle will shine through on the outside, too. You’ll find an extra spring in your step and a brightness in your cheeks. People will notice.

Most of all, YOU will notice.

You’ll start to believe it’s possible to do more of whatever it is you love. To play piano. To join a soccer league. To have a standing phone date with your college roommate. To learn to paint. To go to the opera. To start a blog.

So then comes a new responsibility with Me Time – to schedule it. And to honor it. Put time on your calendar each week just for you, and hold it sacred.

There’s a temptation to call this “selfish,” especially when it might conflict with other family activities, or cause you to have to ask for help in other areas of your life.

That’s where gratitude comes in. Being grateful for having a support system that allows you to take some time for yourself, instead of feeling guilty for it.

Because it’s so easy to say we’ll make time later…when this season or that season has ended,when we finish the big project, when the kids are grown…but don’t wait.

Begin today.

Try putting a little bit of Me Time + Gratitude on your calendar this week.  Find the time to follow your heart’s desire and see where it leads you. I’m betting it will lead you back to yourself, which is right where you belong.


This is based on a post originally published September 29, 2014: Are you getting enough me time?


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