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Do you need to give yourself some credit?

I hope you had a wonderful Mother’s day yesterday. Mine was filled with good food, time outdoors and lots of time with my family – exactly what I asked for!

Even though the day was mostly set aside for family, there were some things I had on my list that I wanted to get done to set myself up for the week to come.

But as the day came and went, I’ll be honest with you – it just didn’t happen.

I went to bed last night beating myself up a little bit about these things. They were in my game plan for the day, and I was disappointed with myself that I didn’t set aside an hour to knock them out.

Let me be clear – nothing catastrophic is going to happen here; they weren’t hard and fast deadlines, just commitments to myself. However, my inner critic was working overtime.

“What is WRONG with you? Can’t you push a little harder? The kids are in bed. And there are three things you said you were going to do today that are still not done. Worse yet, you write about productivity. I mean what is that about? What would people think?”


I didn’t necessarily get that voice to quiet down in the moment, but this morning, well-rested and with a fresh cup of coffee, it occurred to me that what I needed to do was to give myself a little credit.

It wasn’t about the three things not yet done. It was about all the things I got done. And the time with my family that I was able to enjoy – probably because I was so unplugged for the day.

It was enough.

, Do you need to give yourself some credit?

Let’s look at how yesterday unfolded:

I got up really early and got in a workout before anyone was up.

We went to church.

We had to forego our traditional brunch because of a soccer tournament but…

We came home for scrambled eggs and a coffee cake that my 10 year old made with my mom’s help!

We drove to my 7 year old’s tournament and watched her play her heart out (it actually was a lovely way to spend part of a sunny day!)

I went for a long walk on the Bike Trail that runs near my house.

I helped my 13 year old make campaign posters and stickers for her upcoming Student Council election.

We had my parents over for Mother’s Day dinner complete with Smitten Kitchen’s recipe for berry shortcake (YUM).

We prepped everyone for the week and got the crew off to bed with full hearts.

It was actually a fantastic day!

…but those THREE THINGS were still undone….argh.

You can see how ridiculous this was. Even I can see how ridiculous it was in the light of a new day.

But we all do it.

We listen to the voices droning on about everything we didn’t do instead of the one that remembers what we did. I’d bet my last dollar that you had your own version of a day like mine yesterday…AND that you’re still thinking about something you didn’t get to.

So let’s both agree that we’ll give the floor to a NEW voice today.

Let’s listen to the one that gently reminds us of all the things we HAVE done instead of those we haven’t.

The one that says it’s enough.

That we’re enough.

I think it’s time we extend ourselves a little grace.

Don’t you?



Today’s post was based on one originally published on May 23, 2016.


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