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My November Gratitude Challenge: Week 4

As we approach Thanksgiving, and we prepare to gather around the table with family and friends, eating our favorite foods, telling stories, and giving thanks, it’s time for the fourth and final week of my November gratitude challenge.   To recap, we’ve done three challenges so far this month, each one offering it’s own lens into how we…

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Are you wasting time?

When I left my safe job in Corporate America to try my hand at entrepreneurship, that’s exactly how I thought about it. Trying my hand. Maybe it’ll work and maybe it won’t. Who knows? So, to get myself to make the leap, I filled my head with all kinds of reassuring thoughts. I’m so blessed that my husband has a…

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My November Gratitude Challenge: Week 3

Two weeks down and two to go in the November gratitude challenge. I’ve heard from some of you that the Comparison Shift was eye opening and I loved hearing that so many of you are keeping up with the Gratitude Field Journal all month long! (You overachievers, you.) Today, I’m introducing the third challenge, and I…

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My November Gratitude Challenge: Week 2

If you’ve been following along, last week I launched my November Gratitude Challenge with an idea to keep a Field Journal tracking moments that filled your heart with thanksgiving. Here were just a few of mine: Baking a pumpkin pie with fresh pumpkin after Halloween (and seeing my kids faces watching the food processor blades whir…

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