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Are you wasting time?

, Are you wasting time?

When I left my safe job in Corporate America to try my hand at entrepreneurship, that's exactly how I thought about it.

Trying my hand.

Maybe it'll work and maybe it won't.

Who knows?

So, to get myself to make the leap, I filled my head with all kinds of reassuring thoughts.

I'm so blessed that my husband has a good job...

We don't really need more money...

If it doesn't work out, I can always find another job...

Most businesses don't make it anyhow...

I probably won't make any money at all for a year or two...

These thoughts were like a cozy blanket for my fear, one I wrapped myself in as I began my entrepreneurial journey. , Are you wasting time?

And guess what?

Those thoughts lulled me right into complacency. They were exactly the opposite of what I needed. (If only I'd known.)

So here's what happened. In those early years, I stayed plenty busy. But with all the wrong work. I wasn't paying attention to whether or not there was a good return on my time. And as a result...

I spent way too much time on stuff that didn't really matter and not enough on stuff that did. It makes me cringe because it honestly didn't have to be that way.

You know what got in my way?


Thinking I was smart enough to figure it out on my own.

Not being willing to ask for help.

Feeling ashamed of not knowing it all.


Don't get me wrong; I eventually figured a lot out by trial and error.

But it took me FOR-EV-ER.

I wasn't paying attention to how long it took because I'd told myself it would likely take a long time.  So I just went about my business thinking (well, hoping, really) that it would eventually fall into place.

And I wasted so much time.

You know what you can never get back? Like, ever?

Time. It's the one resource you have that's not replaceable. , Are you wasting time?

This is a huge lesson I teach early on with every single woman I coach, but especially with entrepreneurs.

When you don't know how to do something, you can (and should) invest in having someone either:

A) do it for you, or

B) teach you how to do it

It's a no brainer.

The fact that I did not see this when I started my business is mortifying. , Are you wasting time?

Eventually I got with the program (thank goodness) and invested in tools and guidance from people who'd already done what I wanted to do. That decision enabled me to grow so much faster and with so much less wasted effort. I never looked back.

It's so obvious now. Painfully obvious. When I think about how much time I wasted, it kills me. , Are you wasting time?

And when I see other women making the same mistakes I did, I want to scream.

There's a far better way. And I'm happy to show you.

If you're where I was - starting a business  - or even thinking about starting one - and you want to avoid the mistakes I made, let's see if I can help.

When I see the light go on in someone's eyes when she realizes how quickly she can get results in her business by making a few simple shifts, I feel like my own journey wasn't wasted. That path gave me the lessons I now teach. They were hard earned (and expensive) but they're valuable.

And now they can be yours.

If you want to discuss your entrepreneurial aspirations with someone who's been there, then let's talk.


How to book a free strategy session with me:

Schedule time here. You'll then fill out an application so I can make sure there's a fit. Give me as much detail as you can because I simply can't accept every application - make sure you tell me why you are someone I should work with and why you feel I'm someone who can help you. And we'll see if we can put some time back into your hands.

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