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Working Moms – Take a cue from your GPS

, Working Moms – Take a cue from your GPS

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As a working mother, at this time of year I feel like I’m staring at the GPS of my life and it’s stuck on that all-too-familiar screen that simply reads, “Recalculating.”


With new school schedules, sports schedules, activity schedules, meal times, bus times, drop off and pickup times, homework times, and bedtimes…everything is one big tangle of newness.


I don’t quite have my bearings yet; I’m venturing a guess that you might not either.


And believe me, I’m the kind of girl who cherishes having her bearings. I’m not so great at living in a state of perpetual adaptation. But that’s what this time of year brings, so that’s my life right now.


In today’s audio blog, I’m sharing how I’m trying things on for size but not forcing myself to make any declarations of how things will be until I’m good and ready. I’m living with the questions instead of having all the answers.


Take a listen, and then take a cue from your GPS –  you’re still “Recalculating.”


It’ll all settle out soon.

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  1. Tausha on September 16, 2017 at 8:41 am

    Thank you Cherylanne I really love this format!

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