Why I Don’t Recommend Safety Pins

Picture this.

This morning, while Kelly was getting dressed, she noticed her skirt had a small tear.

After assessing the situation from several angles, she sighed.

Is it really worth changing clothes at this point?

Instead, she dug two safety pins out of her dresser and hastily closed the gap.

Truth be told, she briefly considered getting out a needle and thread, but seriously, who has time to SEW?

It’ll be fine.

No one will notice.


You run into Kelly in line for coffee at Starbucks.

The first thing you notice is that she has two safety pins holding her skirt together.

Worse, one has come undone and you can see a section of her thigh.

You suck in your breath and wonder if you should say something…

You toy with the idea but she’s clearly oblivious.


You don’t tell her.


But as she moves through the line, you see other people’s eyes darting back and forth trying NOT to look at her skirt.

You feel uncomfortable FOR her but you think to yourself, “I mean, she MUST already know.”

Kelly goes on about her day.




At 3, she finally has a moment to herself. As she washes her hands and steps back from the mirror, she gives herself the once over …


The safety pins are gone. GONE.

She’s been so busy she hasn’t even noticed.

There’s just a (now gaping) opening where the safety pins used to be,

And a whole lot of thigh.

Her face flushes. WHY did nobody tell me?

Her mind races, thinking back through all the people she’s seen that day

Who knew?

Who saw?

Why didn’t anyone tell me?

She desperately wants someone to blame.

But the sad truth is, SHE knew.

All the way back in her closet that morning, she knew. That skirt needed attention. And not just a safety pin or two.

But who has time to deal?


This is exactly how it goes with the things we don’t have time to fix.

The overloaded schedule.

The clutter in the house.

The friction in our marriage.

The child who’s acting out.

The job we no longer care about.

Those extra 10 pounds.

“No one will notice. “

“Who has time to deal with this?

Our denial is strong, and because of that we are often the LAST to admit when there are cracks in the foundation.

So we eat our way through it

…Or drink

……Or shop

………Or numb out in a thousand other ways

Instead of actually fixing anything.

So many safety pins.


But here’s the thing about safety pins. They come undone.

And that gap between you and your best life? It needs a needle and thread.

It’s time to learn to sew.


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