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What would you do with an extra $1000/month?

October 7, 2018

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Would having an extra $1000 a month in your pocket make a difference in your life?

I thought so.

This week in part 3 of the Finance series, we’re going to help you find your financial upside because I simply don’t believe you can cost save your way to financial freedom.

Of course being smart about expenses matters (don’t come after me with burning torches), but in the end, it’s maximizing your earning potential that creates a life of possibility.

So let’s set aside the constant white-knuckled frugality, and acknowledge that it doesn’t deliver the life you truly want.

Having enough money to breathe matters.

And one person who breaks this down better than anyone I know is Ramit Sethi.

Ramit Sethi

You’ll find him online at:

Now before you get all squeamish over the title of his website and book, promise you’ll give this guy a chance.

As an entrepreneur and bestselling author, Ramit takes an unconventional approach to personal finance, and it’s super practical. He’s no-nonsense and down to earth, and I have a feeling you’ll appreciate that (once you stop choking on the word “rich”).

Ramit grew up in a middle class household and got serious about finance when he was studying at Stanford.

In his own words:

“While I was studying psychology and human behavior at Stanford, I saw all these “tips” that financial experts kept throwing around—like “Keep a budget” and “Stop spending money on lattes”—I realized most of it made no sense.

And like that book, The Emperor’s New Clothes, I realized experts loved to tell people what to do…but nobody was actually doing it.

Be honest:

  • Almost nobody keeps a budget.
  • Almost nobody wants to cut back on lattes.
  • Who wants to be told what they CAN’T do with money—no new shoes, no vacations, no going out with friends?

Instead of saying “no” to spending on everything, I wanted to use money to say YES.

I knew there was a better way to live a rich life—if we could use psychology to focus on what actually works.

Not just for personal finance, but all aspects of life: money, careers, relationships, business, fitness and more.

Since then, I’ve been testing and sharing my findings with the world via I Will Teach You To Be Rich.”

His work has been featured in Fortune, Forbes, and a long list of media, including the Wall Street Journal, ABC News, NPR, Fox Business, PBS, and CNBC.

You can find Ramit’s book, I Will Teach You To Be Rich, on Amazon via this link.

One of his core programs is called “1K ON THE SIDE” and it’s all about how you can earn an extra $1000/month without breaking your life.

What possibilities would that open up for you?

What would you be able to do?

If you’re ready to make those dreams your reality, you may want to check out Ramit’s work..

And if you think this is all crazy (I mean who REALLY does this kind of thing anyhow?!) then we should talk about how I can help you break free of the limiting beliefs about money that are holding you back.

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