What good did you do today?

Benjamin Franklin famously ended each day with one question, “What good did I do today?”

Even 200+ years later, we’d all be well served to follow his lead.

, What good did you do today?

With so many things competing for our time, this short collection of words provides the perfect question to frame our evening reflections.

And it’s the word “good” that’s most important. That one little word shifts the emphasis of the reflection right to the heart of the matter. Without it, you don’t get to the same place.

For example, the questions you might already be asking yourself are:

What did I do today?” (which focuses on productivity), or even

“What did I do well today?” (which focuses on excellence).

But they both miss the mark.

“What good did I do today?” hits you right between the eyes. It’s a wakeup call.

Doing good is what matters.

When we’re doing good, we’re using our time and talents in service to someone else. We’re focused on impact. We’re building our legacy. And moreover…

Doing good feels good. , What good did you do today?

If you began asking yourself this question,  I wonder how often your answer would be something you had been paid to do. And how often would it be something you did for free? Pay attention to that pattern.

And let the answer shape the way you spend your tomorrow.

More doing isn’t a worthy goal. We need to be doing more good. , What good did you do today?

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