The Magic Behind Getting Where You Want To Go

October 18, 2016

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The title of this post will get lots of clicks, because lots of us are searching for that magic formula. The shortcut to the other side. The way to hotwire our results.

Usually, I eschew shortcuts, but for once, I actually do have a bit of magic for you.

There is a way to practically guarantee results for whatever you want to accomplish in life. It’s proven. It’s time-tested. And as it turns out, it has its roots in magic.

It’s the word Abracadabra.


(Stay with me here. I promise you I haven’t lost my mind.)

I read something* recently which quite elegantly explains the connection:

You’ve probably heard stage magicians using the word “abracadabra.”

It means “I create as I speak.”

When I say something, it is so.

Except… for most people, it’s not.  Why?

Because most people don’t follow through on their commitments, especially to themselves. 

Just let that settle into your bones for a minute.

Most people don’t follow through on their commitments. Twitter_logo_blue

Right? Resolutions get broken. Plans are left unfinished. Dreams get abandoned. Ideas go unexplored. Even by the best of us.

Do you always follow through on your commitments? Do you consistently do what you say you’ll do? And not just for other people but for yourself? It’s not always easy. And how does it feel when you say you’ll do something, but then you don’t? It’s the worst.

When you break a promise, even if it’s one you made only to yourself, you mess with the magic. Twitter_logo_blue


There is no abracadabra.

What you say is not so.

And that, my friends, is a formula for staying stuck.


But following through…

without excuses…

without getting distracted…

without letting yourself off the hook…


That will change your life.

So how do you do that? Well, it turns out, most of us are missing one pretty simple thing. Accountability. Without it, we struggle. Accountability is what I provide for every single woman I coach, and as a result, I get the privilege of witnessing them uphold their commitments and seeing them get where they want to go.

They’re launching businesses, making partner, writing books, clearing clutter, altering habits, transforming relationships. And with accountability, they’re unstoppable.

If you’ve been struggling to keep your commitments, drop that one last piece in place and get ready to roll.


Abracadabra, baby. It’s time to make some magic. Twitter_logo_blue


Curious about what it’s like to work with me? Great. Let’s start here.


*from E. Purvis

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