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Let Go Of “The Way It Was Supposed To Be”

Have you ever had a day that didn’t go as expected? Maybe you thought it would be sunny and planned a day outdoors, but then it rained. Or maybe there was more traffic than you anticipated, and you were late to work. Either way, you may have ended up disappointed and frustrated based on your…

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The Cure for your Valentine’s Day Hangover

Well, HOW was your Valentine’s Day last week? Did your partner make you feel utterly adored by showering you with flowers and gifts? Or was the proverbial ball completely dropped, and it left you feeling deeply unloved and unseen? The pressure of this holiday each year can wreak havoc on relationships. It’s a game of…

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Episode #59 – Stop playing “Self on the Shelf”

The holiday season is fast approaching. The brisk weather, festive wreaths, and towering Christmas trees should top off the happiest season of all. But for many women – especially mothers – this festive period can bring on a whole new set of expectations that make the season less about enjoying fun and family, and more…

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