Ready...Set...SHINE! | Cherylanne Skolnicki


You’ve heard me talking about it for several months…and now…it’s finally time. Today is the big day!

The Shine Movement is LIVE and I can’t WAIT for you to see it!

Before I send you over to check out the brand new membership site that’s ready for you to explore, I need to tell you how incredibly grateful I am to you for your support and encouragement as I’ve grown my blog and built my coaching practice and followed my dreams. Knowing that you value my work means the world to me, so I want to do something extra special for you. 

As a loyal reader, you can take advantage of a special discount that will only be available for this very first week after launch. The discount will be applied automatically when you click the “Join the Movement” button (Note: it’s a BIG one and you’ll have it for the life of your membership), but when the clock strikes midnight on February 1st it’s gone for good!

With that settled, I’m delighted to introduce you to The Shine Movement! Just click anywhere on the collection of images below and you’ll go straight to a page where I’ll tell you all about this amazing community we’re going to build together.

Here we go! Ready…set…SHINE! , Ready…Set…SHINE!

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