Prince and a lesson in legacy

April 22, 2016

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If, like mine, your Facebook feed is being flooded with memories of Prince – his lyrics, his concerts, his costumes, his “formerly known as” moniker – you’re having one of two reactions.

You’re either nodding along in agreement with the passionate homage…or you’re wondering what all this hype is about.

prince photo

Either way, you have to agree that this hype doesn’t feel the same as the flurry of activity when some obscure reality star makes a big splash. Or the barrage of tweets instantly replaying a politician’s gaffe.

This hype is different.

This hype is about legacy, not celebrity. Twitter_logo_blue


When people light up National Monuments in purple…

When Jennifer Hudson leads a fiery singalong of Purple Rain from her Broadway stage…

When Justin Timberlake Instagrams that every song he’s ever written has been influenced by this artist…

When the cast of the smash hit Hamilton dances it out to Let’s Go Crazy…

When nearly everyone feels the need to say something 


We’re looking at a case study in legacy. Twitter_logo_blue

None of us has the musical talent Prince had and most of us wouldn’t wish his celebrity upon ourselves, either.  But a legacy that inspires this kind of outpouring?  The chance to leave behind a body of work left that those of us still here can turn to? That’s something most of us want deeply, and it’s within our grasp.

It doesn’t have to be music, but it has to be uniquely yours.

The family you raise.

The business you build.

The problem you solve.

The beauty you create.

The cause you support.

The art you make.

As you scroll through your social media feeds this weekend, ask yourself what would happen if you were to leave this earth unexpectedly. What would you leave behind? Where would people turn? What would be your legacy?

If you don’t like the answer, then make it your most precious work to change it.

Leave us a legacy worthy of your life. Twitter_logo_blue

Nothing matters more.

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