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One last time for the year – happy holidays, my friends.

December 26, 2023

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It’s been quite a couple of months, hasn’t it? The holiday season, no matter how you celebrate, requires a ton of energy to make memories and magic for the people we love. And as we’re getting ready to turn the page to the new year, there’s this sacred space in between where we hunker down, relax, and cozy up with our people.

This interstitial week between celebrations provides the perfect opportunity to reflect, recalibrate, and set intentions for our year ahead. So in the spirit of this week, I’m thrilled to share with you a special self-guided retreat to usher in the new year.

A while back, I started trying to do a “Thinking Day” between Christmas and New Year’s. I think it’s naturally a very reflective time of year. The days are short, it gets dark early, it’s cold, and we know that we’re on the precipice of something new that holds so much possibility. This can give us the nudge that we need to press pause on all of the things happening around us and take some time to reflect.

And today, I want to share the ideas behind my “Thinking Day” with you so you can have your own Self-Guided Retreat. Here are the basic tenets of how to set yourself up for success! And when you’re ready, you can download the Self-Guided Retreat prompts and resources here.

  1. Take Time to Reflect. There’s one big disclaimer on this, which is that I am not starting with a blank slate. The way I run my life and the system I teach in the Brilliant Balance community ensures that there is already a plan in place. You may be starting more from what feels like a blank sheet of paper, and that’s ok. But before you can do that with any kind of success, it’s important that you first take a look backwards and do an assessment of how you got here.
  2. Clear Your Calendar. Allocate a day, half-day, or even a few hours for uninterrupted reflection. Create the time and space to focus on yourself without distractions.
  3. Choose the Right Space. Select a location where the energy feels good for you. It could be a cozy corner in your home or a purposefully chosen spot you love, such as a hotel lobby, library, bookstore, or coffee shop.
  4. Follow a Guided Process. Utilize the prompts provided in the Self-Guided Retreat guide. This will help you initiate and conclude your reflective journey, providing structure and direction.
  5. Aim for Thorough, Not Perfect. Embrace a reflective and contemplative mindset. Allow your thoughts to flow freely, write in incomplete sentences, and remember that perfection is not the goal.
  6. Be Kind to Yourself. Strike a balanced perspective when reflecting on the past year. Acknowledge achievements and positive aspects, but also recognize challenges and areas for growth. Be compassionate to yourself throughout the process.
  7. Don’t Pressure for Perfect Plans. Understand that the purpose of this exercise is not to develop a complete plan but to extract insights, patterns, and reflections. You have permission not to have all the answers.
  8. Add Special Touches To Make It Yours. While you’re at it, you might want to add some special touches that make it uniquely yours. This could be a favorite beverage, a scented candle, or a cozy outfit.
  9. Be Mindful of Reentry into Daily Life. Understand that what you glean from this retreat is very personal and may not resonate with others who weren’t part of it. While you may be bubbling with excitement to share your insights with your husband or kids or friends, they may not give you the exact reaction you’re looking for. And that’s ok – this experience was uniquely yours.

Finding time for self-reflection can be challenging, but it’s important to make this time for personal growth and well-being. This Self-Guided Retreat is designed to empower you to celebrate achievements, excavate insights, and set intentions for the year ahead.

Be sure to download the Self-Guided Retreat prompts and resources here.

Wishing you an absolutely brilliant new year.

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