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How to Decide if it’s Time

I’m willing to bet there is something you are thinking about doing, and you’re wondering how you’ll know if it’s really time.

I’ve lost track of how often I’ve been seated across from a strong, impassioned, talented woman who was wondering aloud how she could know for sure if her time was now. Let me share what I’ve learned through all of those wonderfully rich conversations.

The moment of absolute certainty never arrives. Decide, How to Decide if it’s Time


Decide, How to Decide if it’s Time


It just doesn’t. Some of us will spend our whole lives waiting for that clear sign to do it NOW…and since it never comes, we’ll never do it. In the words of Wayne Dyer, we’ll die with our music still in us. That’s unbelievably tragic but it’s also incredibly common.

So listen to me, please, before it’s too late. What if there is no sign? What if you’re supposed to hold the uncertainty in your heart and do it anyhow? What if the fear is just part of the package?

Because it is. I know.

If you’re holding a decision in your heart today,  go talk to the people who have already done it – who have made the leap you are pondering – ask them if they knew it was time. They’ll tell you they didn’t. Oh, they felt a nudge, or a yearning, or a desire they couldn’t ditch. But they were never 100% sure.

And they did it anyway. They decided that finding out what was on the other side of that leap was bigger than the fear or uncertainty they felt. They pushed the fear aside so they had room to maneuver around it. And they leapt.

Fear is so tricky. Sometimes we don’t even know that’s what we’re dealing with. We call it being practical or responsible because those sound like good traits and they help us rationalize our choice to stay where we are. But that yearning? The one begging you to make the leap? It’s there for a reason. And it co-exists with the fear. It’s supposed to.

The bottom line is this.

If you’re wondering if it’s time….it probably is. Decide, How to Decide if it’s Time

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