The Four F’s of Fashion for Women With Work to Do

June 2, 2016

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A year or so ago, I stood in my closet and made a bold declaration about how I would dress from that day forward. The combination of turning 40, having three children, and running a rapidly growing business was making me wish I could just throw on one of my daughter’s school uniforms instead of trying to put an outfit together.

(Note: When you’re wishing for a plaid jumper of your own, you’ve waited way too long to stage an intervention!)


Four Fs of Fashion


Hangers in hand, I resolved to find a simpler way forward. Not only was I having trouble deciding what to wear, I was spending precious energy during the day fussing with clothes – adjusting a waistband, tugging at a skirt, retucking a blouse that wouldn’t stay put. Honestly, who has TIME for that?!


My goals were to:

1. Decide what to wear in five minutes or less
2. Love everything I wore
3. Not think about or fuss with my clothes during the day
4. Feel as good when I came home as I did when I left the house


After giving this a little thought, I came up with four F’s that would help me make better choices when shopping and would guide my efforts when getting dressed…


You can read the rest of this post on Best Kept Self, where I am a featured contributor.

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