Do you need a GPS for your career?

I am fired up this morning – excited about what I get to do today. Coaching my clients, getting to mentor women who are doing amazing things in the world, and still riding the emotional high of my annual B.O.L.D. retreat at Canyon Ranch last month. My bucket is definitely overflowing!

And don’t get me wrong – being an entrepreneur isn’t for the faint of heart, but it’s perfect for me. 

Before venturing out as an entrepreneur 12 years ago, I spent 15 years working in Corporate America. Many of the women I mentor are in corporate life. Some of them love it. Others, not so much. Either they need to find a better fit within their company but don’t know how, or they want to make a more drastic move like I did. 

So what about my story? I spent many years loving working for someone else – until I didn’t. But being able to identify that shift, and then summoning the courage to take action, is exactly what has led me here today.

A lot of my clients come to me when they begin to hear this voice in their head saying “maybe this path isn’t for you anymore.” 

And this voice MATTERS. Because when you’re ready for a change, you are no longer engaged in the thing that’s not changing. 

These clients wonder aloud, “but how do I know FOR SURE that it’s time?” “What are the signs?”

, Do you need a GPS for your career?

There’s no one right answer, but there are some themes worth exploring. See if you can see yourself in any of these:

1. You just don’t care anymore

About the mission, the purpose, the goals. About the work, the projects, the tasks. Even the people, the politics, the relationships, and the free coffee might be just downright boring to you. If you feel this way, you just might be ready for a change.

2. You tell yourself you’re staying for the [insert money/perks/work arrangement here]

This is SO common. “But I get to work from home on Fridays!” “But I get great vacation time and benefits!” And I get it – those things are important, too. But listen clearly – this is fear talking. It’s saying you can’t be trusted to sort to a better outcome.

Because what if it could be even better? What then?

3. You’re self medicating

This can be anything from drinking, eating, binge watching, shopping, or scrolling. Do you get home from work each day and need to numb out, or do you get the Sunday Scaries every week and need something to cope? Those are sure signs to pay attention to.

If you find yourself in these, but you don’t know what to do next, reach out. I literally talk to women about this every single day. 

You can book some time to chat here (no high pressure sales, I promise!) 

Or you can get more information on what we do here. 

When we stop letting fear be our guide, brilliant things will happen. Let’s chat so we can figure out what’s next for you.

, Do you need a GPS for your career?

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