The Circle of Life: Kindness and Courage

March 15, 2016

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My daughter’s school play is this weekend, and for months now, I’ve been a stage mom of the highest order, reveling in the countdown of days (and hours…and minutes…) until the dress rehearsals and performances sweep us up in their delightful whirlwind. There’s nothing quite like production week.

Lion King Lionesses

Photo Credit: Brad Blackmore at Traveling Studios

This year’s production is The Lion King Jr. and I’m just awestruck by the way it has come together. The tightly orchestrated efforts of the directors and voice coaches and choreographers. The countless hours put in by the costume and set designers. The happy buzz of the ticket sellers and the backstage chaperones and the makeup artists. The hustle and bustle of the crew with their black shirts and pants and props.

And then, of course, the cast of young actors and actresses who will bring the magic to life. Oh, yes.

I am positively humbled to be in the presence of such bravery. Such courage. These young students are going to stand on that stage in all their pre-teen and adolescent glory – with their braces and messy buns and changing voices – and they are going to wear outrageously fabulous costumes and sing songs and dance dances and roar like lions and cackle like hyenas for heaven’s sake – all for the glory of their art and the joy of the audience.

They might flub lines and notes, lose pieces of costumes, or miss their entrances.

Or they might bring down the house.

Either way, it is going to be the most gorgeous, beautiful, holy thing we’ve ever seen.

As parents, and siblings, and friends, and teachers, we are going to sit on the edges of our seats and hold our collective breath as they take the stage, our hearts willing the lights to go on and the curtain to rise and the sets to change with ease. We are going to smile our biggest smiles and clap our loudest applause (and if we are me, we are also going to cry tears of pride and joy at the sight of our children doing the thing they love most of all in the whole wide world).

So, if something does go awry, we are not going to laugh, or point fingers, or whisper to our neighbor. We are going to be kind. We are going to honor their courage above all else. We are going to celebrate these children who have chosen to use their gifts to spread joy. And if we are wise, we are going to allow their courage to inspire our own.

We will take our cue from another Disney production, Cinderella, with its central message,

Have courage and be kind.”

Won’t our greatest work be done when we have courage to pursue it? Twitter_logo_blue

And isn’t kindness the best way to truly bear witness to courage? Twitter_logo_blue

In fact, the thing that often keeps us from courageously stepping onto the path we feel drawn toward is fear that others will be unkind as we do. That they will mock us, or criticize us, or voice their lack of faith in us. The very thought that these things might happen can be enough to stop us before we ever begin.

Sadly, one reason we conjure up these fearful thoughts is because when we’ve seen someone stepping out courageously, we’ve been unkind ourselves. Our envy causes us to criticize, to tear down, or to mock the very people we could instead encourage.

You’ve seen it with politicians, and business leaders, and celebrities. Or closer to home, you’ve seen it when someone in your circle applies for a promotion, or organizes an event, or writes a Letter to the Editor. When we think (or worse, we say), “Who does she think she is?”

We’re not always kind.


When we are kind, courage flourishes. Twitter_logo_blue

And what the world really needs is more people acting with courage, letting go of what other people might think or say, and bringing their gifts to the world.

So this weekend, as I watch those shining faces lifted in song, feeling their way to the high notes, delivering their lines with gusto, adjusting their costumes and microphones, I will shine kindness toward them, and let their courage inspire my own.

I hope you’ll find a way to do the same.


Note: This post is adapted from one that originally appeared on this blog in March 2015.

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