Another BOLD weekend in Canyon Ranch

Last week, I was delighted to host my B.O.L.D. clients at Canyon Ranch for the second year in a row. An incredible group of 28 women from all over the country gathered in Tucson for a precious two days together surrounded by sunshine, delicious food, and morning hikes overlooking breathtaking views of the Catalina Mountains.  

B.O.L.D. is my highest level coaching program made up of a group of women who are taking this world by storm. B.O.L.D. stands for Building Out Legacies and Dreams, and they provide support and accountability for each other to do just that. And during retreats like last week, we also provide accountability for rest, connection, and a little luxury, which you know we can never quite get enough of at home! We returned to our families recharged, relaxed, and clear-headed, ready to take on the world again. How often can we say that?

, Another BOLD weekend in Canyon Ranch

Canyon Ranch was more than just an escape from the stress of everyday life, and even more than just a special Mother’s Day weekend treat for some of us. It was a place for us to come together in community. To laugh, to hug, and to fully embrace the time together. To have rich, meaningful conversations, to explore our health and wellness pathways together, and to continue to aspire to the very best versions of ourselves.

, Another BOLD weekend in Canyon Ranch

These women – they are making a big impact these days at work and at home. And they didn’t come together by accident. Every single one of them started in my signature Breakthrough program because they were dealing with the same challenges and frustrations as you. Things in their home and work lives felt out of control or off track somehow, and so they decided to take action and make an investment to change things. To get back to feeling like the best version of themselves. To make life feel a little more brilliant each day.

Are you interested in joining us in Canyon Ranch next year? It’s possible. And it all starts with the first step. 

Set up some time to chat with me. No high pressure sales here – we’ll chat with you to see what Brilliant Balance could bring to your life…and what taking a BOLD step could unlock for you.



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