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Who is getting in the way of your dreams?

Here we are, about to step into a brand new year, the ink still wet on our freshly made promises to ourselves, our minds full of possibilities and potential, and already, cynicism and self-doubt are creeping in. “You are such a mess,” your inner critic chides. “You know you’re not going to stick with this,”…

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Episode #61 – My Holiday Wish for Women

As the holiday season fast approaches, we are faced with yet another opportunity to pause, reflect, and of course…celebrate. Today’s episode is a blessing. Something uplifting. And something for you to contemplate as you go through this precious week between Christmas and New Years Day. Here Are The Highlights: My short – but sweet –…

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A few final words before the holidays

With Christmas just a breath away, nearly every woman I know is hanging on by a thread. We’re done or nearly done with shopping (thank you Amazon Prime), we’ve settled the score with UPS and FedEx, we’ve baked and cleaned and wrapped and picked out something for everyone in the house to wear to church…

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Episode #60 – Take One Thing off Your List

You in November: Christmas is coming! I can’t wait. Baileys, sparkly lights, buying presents, Michael Buble. What’s not to love? You in December: OH MY GOODNESS! I am so overwhelmed. There’s so freaking much to do. Is it over yet? Can you relate to the feeling of being overwhelmed during the holidays…the feeling that your…

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You Are Doing Enough

An open letter to myself (and anyone else who needs to hear this): You are doing enough. Truly, you are. December is not trying to bring you down. And you are not the only one trying to hold it all together in the name of providing a memorable holiday experience for everyone around you. But…

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