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Episode #44 – Get Moving: You Can’t Steer a Parked Car

When things are going great in your life, you’re moving forward toward your goals and your actions seemingly feel effortless. But when you’re not experiencing exceptional growth, it can feel like your feet are stuck in cement. If you feel like you’re stuck in a parked car, and you want to figure out how to…

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Are you getting in your own way?

Last week, as I listened to a prospective client tell me about what she wanted to do with her life, I fell in love with her dream just a little bit. I found myself sitting up straighter, listening attentively, nodding along and smiling knowingly. It happens all the time in these early conversations. I get…

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Why I Don’t Recommend Safety Pins

Picture this. This morning, while Kelly was getting dressed, she noticed her skirt had a small tear. After assessing the situation from several angles, she sighed. Is it really worth changing clothes at this point? Instead, she dug two safety pins out of her dresser and hastily closed the gap. Truth be told, she briefly…

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Episode #42 – Have you been on your own Summer Slide?

The dog days of summer. That season in the year that can drain your productivity to a snail’s pace. We stay up later than usual, attend parties, and take longer vacations (all fun, but…). All too often, being in summer mode gives us an excuse to hit pause on our good habits. And even though…

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