May 2016 | Cherylanne Skolnicki

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Just Because You Can, It Doesn’t Mean You Should

In this rat race we’re running, the rats are getting faster. Or maybe they’re just wearing backpacks now so they can carry even more stuff with them. Either way, I’m starting to worry. Every day I talk to women who find they are reflexively saying yes to every single thing asked of them – and then staying…

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3 Startling Life Lessons from an Unexpected Set of Teachers

Last Saturday, I huddled under an umbrella as my 5-year-old played her final game of this rainy spring soccer season. These girls are a pack of fierce little fireballs and I love to watch them play. Like most girls this age, they never run out of energy, they don’t complain about the rain or the cold, they…

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Give yourself some credit

I went to bed last night beating myself up about three things I didn’t get to finish. They were in my game plan for the day and I just ran out of steam before I got to them. Nothing catastrophic is going to happen as a result because they weren’t hard and fast deadlines, just commitments…

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When you’re frustrated with life, do this first

Some days you’ve just had it. One more thing is not going according to plan and all of a sudden it’s unbearable. Your frustration reaches the boiling point and you melt down. You raise the white flag. Maybe you yell. Maybe you cry. But you’re done. Just DONE. You know that something has to change.   A few weeks ago, I wrote about why it’s…

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How to Curb Mom Guilt

I know you feel guilty. I know you want to be at home while you are at work and at work when you are at home.   I know you don’t think you are doing enough.  I know you hate asking for help and you think everyone else is doing it better than you.     I…

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