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The Million Dollar Question: “Is it working for you?”

Entrepreneurs like to have all the answers. We love to be seen as smart, as in the know, as super savvy. Answers help us get clients, and partnerships, and funding. All sorts of goodies. Having the answers is great. But… Acting like we have the answers when we don’t isn’t helpful at all.  Here’s an example: In an earlier chapter of…

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Why Milestone Days Are Extra Intense

This past weekend we celebrated my son’s First Communion. It was one of those days that just stop time in its tracks for a moment, when you pause to take it all in. It was a little overwhelming, honestly. While we totally lucked out with perfect weather, and while I kept the party planning super simple,…

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Prince and a lesson in legacy

If, like mine, your Facebook feed is being flooded with memories of Prince – his lyrics, his concerts, his costumes, his “formerly known as” moniker – you’re having one of two reactions. You’re either nodding along in agreement with the passionate homage…or you’re wondering what all this hype is about. Either way, you have to agree…

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If you’re going to work for free, why not love it?

I probably say no to more than 75% of the volunteer requests I get. There, I said it. You may think that means I don’t like to volunteer (or that I’m a selfish troll) but you’d be wrong. In fact, I spent more than 12 hours as a volunteer in one week recently and they were probably the…

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How to Exhibit Grace Under Pressure

Sometimes we have days that don’t go as planned. Sometimes we’re a little worse for the wear by the time evening arrives. I’m learning the secret to getting to the next day with my spirit in tact involves a little resilience and a lot of grace. This quote hangs on my fridge: Finish each day…

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