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The 5 People Every Entrepreneur Needs at Her Table

When I left my cozy seat in Corporate America, with its steady paycheck, capable leadership, robust team of colleagues, and detailed playbook for completing nearly every task required of me, and decided to enter the Wild West of entrepreneurship, I wasn’t fully prepared.     I was, of course, delighted to be unshackled from all…

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5 Creative Ways to Take a Day Off

As my family is completing the count down to Spring Break and my children are plotting the ways they’ll fill their days away from school, I’ve been thinking about the meaning of “a day off” in our modern era. The whole practice seems to have changed dramatically in the last 40 years. Gone are the days of a two week vacation…

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Are you consuming or creating?

Early this morning, I: Read The Skimm, The Broadsheet, and The Bible Caught up on the tragic turn of events in Brussels Read an article on content scheduling for bloggers Watched a highlight video of my daughter’s play Investigated Marco Borges’ 22 Day Revolution Shopped for First Communion shoes for my son And that was all before I wrote…

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The Circle of Life: Kindness and Courage

My daughter’s school play is this weekend, and for months now, I’ve been a stage mom of the highest order, reveling in the countdown of days (and hours…and minutes…) until the dress rehearsals and performances sweep us up in their delightful whirlwind. There’s nothing quite like production week. This year’s production is The Lion King Jr. and…

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4 Easy Ways to Get Back the Hour You’ll Lose this Weekend

I don’t know about you but the idea of losing an hour makes me twitch. My life has to squeeze to fit into the 24 hours I normally have each day and you’re going to take one away? Please. The fact that I get it back in October is little consolation. This weekend we’ll enter Daylight Savings Time across…

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