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A final few words before the holidays….

With Christmas just a breath away, nearly every woman I know is hanging on by a thread. We’re done or nearly done with shopping (thank you Amazon Prime), we’ve settled the score with UPS and FedEx, we’ve baked and cleaned and wrapped and picked out something for everyone in the house to wear to church…

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The Balance Project

In what universe would I be interviewed with Reese Witherspoon, Sara Blakely and Molly Sims? It makes no sense at all, but contrary to all logic, it did, in fact, just happen. Author Susie Schnall recently interviewed me for her series titled “The Balance Project: Interviews with Inspiring Women Talking Work/Life Balance.” (You may have seen the series featured in Working…

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Maybe it can wait

As December reaches a fever pitch in joyful anticipation of Christmas, I’ve noticed that I’m feeling a little restless. Big parts of my soul want to do nothing but bake cookies and wrap presents and sip peppermint tea by the fireplace. But some part of my mind is already starting to think about the year ahead…about the…

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You Are Already Doing Enough

An open letter to myself (and anyone else who needs to hear this): You are doing enough. Truly, you are. December is not trying to bring you down. And you are not the only one trying to hold it all together in the name of providing a memorable holiday experience for everyone around you. But if you keep…

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Transform your day with a two-way mirror

My oldest saw a performance of the Nutcracker last Friday at the School for the Creative and Performing Arts. Before we all declare our willingness to trade lives with her, rest assured that I am already first in line for that privilege should the opportunity arise. I can think of no better way to spend a December morning, and neither…

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