October 2015 | Cherylanne Skolnicki

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If she can imagine it, she can become it

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m not even going to cheapen this with commentary. Mattel has NAILED it with their latest spot. FINALLY.  Enjoy!   If she can imagine it, she can become it.  Let’s see how Barbie sales do THIS year… 

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What do you do no matter what?

This morning I was driving to hot yoga in the rain at 5 AM when I passed an old man jogging on the side of the road. He wore a gray sweatshirt and black sweatpants and between the rain and the darkness, I almost didn’t see him at all.  But I caught the glint of his silvery…

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Are you overthinking it?

My husband and I have been trying to finalize plans for a long weekend away for more than three months now.  It feels like we have literally been on every travel site that exists, investigated flights on every airline, read hotel reviews from every brand, checked weather forecasts in every time zone, and compared more rental cars than any…

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When in doubt, I bake

“Wafting across the dimly lit kitchen drifts the heady scent of vanilla mingling with sugar and toasted coconut. Flour is dusted along the counter and even on my nose as I sit cross-legged, pencil poised above my notebook….” So began my college entrance essay 24 years ago. That opening line is etched in my memory as vividly as the address…

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What if you can have both?

I had a fabulous conversation this morning with a woman I coach that got me thinking about the power that Either/Or thinking holds over many of us. Without even realizing it, we box ourselves into pairs of alternatives that feel mutually exclusive and then we bounce between them trying to decide which one is the better option. Either I…

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