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The Astonishing Power of Gratitude

How do you practice gratitude? I’ve given that a lot of thought lately, as I’m trying to teach our children that gratitude is the antidote to envy. As I was reflecting on the topic, I remembered this post I’d written a while back and thought I’d share it with you today. Here it is…

You may have noticed I’ve been sharing something I’m grateful for each day this month on Facebook and Twitter, and it’s been such a powerful exercise that I think I may just have to continue it! (I promise I’ll move that offline so you can get a break from my updates).

I warmly invite you to do the same – to express your own gratitude in your own way. I cannot even begin to tell you how my life has OPENED UP with this practice. It is astonishing.

I’m a little embarrassed to share these examples from my own life with you, but I really want you to experience the amazing power of gratitude for yourself, and sharing my experience is my best proof to convince you to do so! So here goes.

This month:

  • Nourish was named a finalist for Best New Service of the Year by the Greater Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce
  • I was quoted (twice!) in a article on Tips from Top Entrepreneurs
  • Our Nourish Cooking Service business is up 50%
  • We’ve welcomed several new amazingly wonderful private coaching clients
  • I’ve been invited to speak to four more terrific groups between now and the end of January
  • I’ve gotten delightful, warm notes from sweet friends, family, clients, and colleagues near and far out of the blue
  • We received an incredibly gracious invitation to attend a black tie event (have I mentioned that I LOVE to dress up?)
  • And my sweet husband surprised me with a simply gorgeous watch as a 12th anniversary gift, delivered by our waitress when he invited me to join him for a pre- anniversary drink last Friday evening. I love that man.

I’ve never been more humbled nor convinced that gratitude is one of the most powerful forces available to us.

PLEASE try it for yourself.

You’re not too late. Today is the perfect day to start. Start your own series of Facebook or Twitter posts, or simply note your blessings quietly… however you want! But do it! You’ll be amazed by what happens and I want that for you. Nothing so simple has ever proven more powerful.

Originally posted on 11/15/2012

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