Breakthrough Client

I have had four weeks now of managing my work inbox and projects effectively – longest this has ever happened! I broke out email “ZONES” during the day where I sprint and file, respond, or put on task list with a scheduled date and time.

I have had more time to get projects turned in a day early vs. the last hour the day it is due.

I am more prepared for meetings because my process allows for running tasks lists by party and project type.

I have notified people if/when tasks can be done and scheduled them in the future as appropriate.

I have worked on this practice with my team and have supported more progress vs. stress because of my being proactive and planful with all of our projects.

I also have looked ahead and moved meetings/planned projects based on how busy days or weeks are so there is space to be realistic with the tasks for the day and respond if any urgent issues come up.

ZONES: This has been massively transformational as if have tried to cram things I may have missed into later parts of the day if I fall behind.

I am now allocating time to do things. If I don’t get it done at that time, it either doesn’t get done (i.e. if I sleep in vs. do my workout) or I move it to that zone tomorrow. This either motivates me to get it done, or decide to move it to the next day and be at peace with that decision.

I will talk with you on the call today!