Allison O.

I have already had some massive changes to my life because of the coaching so far that I wanted to outline to you…

I am now getting 7+ hours of sleep per night vs. old way of 5-6. Massive change with energy.

I have now for the last 4 weeks utilized Evernote as well as daily and weekly time blocking for key personal and work tasks and projects.

I have done the weekly check-in and made adjustments to the following week’s calendar and moved around appointments PROACTIVELY – wow!

I have found tasks that can be bundled together (weekly outfit planning, snack planning for my daughter, swim lessons with my pool workouts) and have blocked time to get them done.

I found tasks that can be made more efficient and DONE that – weekly online ordering and grocery pickup – HUGE time saver.

I have dreamt of the day we have a maid come clean our home and do the time consuming in-depth cleaning for the last 16 years – TODAY is that day. This was a shift due to prioritization of cleaning vs. family time….

We have had 4 family dinners per week free from electronics with PLANNED meals that are ready generally at a good time (used to be 2-3 times per week).

I look forward to the next 6 weeks, but wanted to send you an update!

Thank you!