Merry and Bright

As we close the books on Christmas 2014, and turn our attention to the fresh start 2015 offers, I find myself wanting to hold onto the candlelit glow of the holidays just a little bit longer.

When December dawned, with an early snowfall and a burst of Christmas cheer, I actually felt ready this year. Thanksgiving was behind us and the brevity of the season at hand was clear. With three little ones swept up in Christmas glee, we got the month off to a fast start.

Throughout the first week of December, the tree was trimmed, the halls were decked, and the Christmas PJs were delivered by Saint Nicholas. The house glowed, and when I heard my oldest daughter telling my youngest the Christmas story using her nativity set to act it out, my heart sighed in peace.

Oh, our December days have been busy – far busier than usual – yet they have sparkled. We’ve spent this month focused on the best in us – we’ve spent more time in church, more time with family, more time making plans and capturing memories. And it’s been grand.

My parents and children are healthy. Our home is warm and cozy. Our blessings are many. We are loved. And our Savior is born.

This holiday has been merry and bright.

As I look ahead to the new year, I want to capture the essence of this December and carry it forward. Oh, I still yearn for the stark cleanliness January brings. The clean slate. The fresh start.

But the warmth and glow of December? I’d like to carry a little of that into the new year. The coziness, the kindness, the open hearts and generous spirits.

So as we make resolutions, don a little shimmer and sparkle, and break out the bubbly, let’s carry a little merry and bright with us into the new year, shall we?

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