Get ready to thrive

Hello Gorgeous –

Are you ready to step into the life you know you deserve? To leave behind the weight of old habits and unhealthy practices? To discover all the things that having more energy and a thriving sense of well-being can put within reach? To fulfill your potential?

Then you’re ready to build a life of significance, and to do so on your own terms.

My greatest wish is that you will realize the potential within yourself and allow me to help you bring it forth. I’m here to help you live the life you’ve always imagined for yourself.

Together we’ll explore six Lifestyle Practices to feed your well-being.

Get ready to thrive.

Are you ready? Is this your time?


Eat – Feed Your Well-being.

Experience the joy of mindfully eating real, clean, whole food every day, throughout the day. Let food be a pleasure. Resist the urge to connect food to deprivation and denial. Question fad diets that ultimately drain and disappoint you. Establish food rituals that bring beauty to your eating. Notice and appreciate the look, feel, and taste of your food. Connect what you eat to how you feel. Make eating well a priority. Every day. No excuses. You’re worth it.

Move – Learn How To Move.

Move your body. Learn how it feels to exercise with intensity and vigor. Learn how it feels to move gently and gracefully. Try new things. Explore yoga or Pilates or stretching. Push yourself hard as you run or bike or swim. Compete. Dance. Add small movements throughout your day. Stretch. Feel the blood pumping through your body and become aware of where your muscles are and how they connect to one another. Open up your joints. Move.

Rest – Discover How To Fully Restore Yourself

When you exert, you must also rest. Build rest into your waking hours. Discover how much sleep you need to fully restore yourself. Seven hours. Eight? Nine? You deserve the life that you will live when fully rested. Learn to wind down before bed so you can sleep more soundly. Sit in silence. Breathe. Meditate. Slow down. Choose stillness. Turn off the TV and the radio and the computer and the phone. Unplug. Create space in your life to just be.

Connect – Family & Friends

Relationships matter. You were made for love and intimacy so settle for nothing less. Cherish your family. Cultivate friendships. Invest in people. Join a movement. Find your flock. Make time for conversation and a personal touch. Love with wild abandon. Forgive routinely.

Strive – Play To Win

Commit to a lifetime of growth. Set goals. Regularly step up to challenges. Practice saying “Bring It On.” Be willing to make the effort and invest the energy required to live your fullest life with intensity. Stretch yourself. Play to win.

Thrive – Know and Use Your Talents

Listen for your calling. Relentlessly seek to understand your purpose and unleash your power. Be able to name your passions. Nurture your creativity. Deepen your spiritual practice. Know your God. Allow yourself to experience deep satisfaction. Find ways to be in flow. Let your light shine. Exude joy.

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