Finding focus

It’s awfully easy to get overwhelmed. By work, by volunteer commitments, by family obligations, by debt, by clutter. When you’re overwhelmed by unpleasant things it’s often so uncomfortable that seeking relief is automatic. But when you’re overwhelmed by amazing, exhilarating, exciting things, it’s much more difficult to recognize the need for change. You’re every bit as far under water, but it’s so darn fun that you don’t even realize you’re drowning.

I know. I’m there right now! There are so many incredible opportunities popping up for Nourish and for me that I’m having a hard time staying on top of them all. I need focus. In fact, I CRAVE order. But I’m afraid that if I say no to any of these swirling, flashing, sparkling opportunities, I’ll miss my chance. And I hate missing chances. Don’t you?

I need to do it though, and do it soon! Otherwise I risk neglecting really important things as I chase these unproven but exciting new  things. I need to find my focus.

When I need to focus, I usually work on coming back to the present moment and giving my full attention to the most important things – one thing at a time. I choose a task on my list – any one task- and do it to the very best of my ability. As Abraham Lincoln once said, “Whatever you are, be a good one.” I have a lot of roles – wife, mother, daughter, friend, entrepreneur, manager, coach, volunteer, student, writer, and many others. I can’t be all of them in any one moment. But I can be the very best at whatever I choose…for just a moment.

Focus is so powerful. When you need to stop the swirling, bring yourself to the present moment. “Whatever you are, be a good one.”

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