Episode #199 – Letting go of Control with Dr. Nathan Fite, Founder, Cincinnati Anxiety Center

It doesn’t come as a surprise that most people want control in their lives, but the desire for it feeds anxiety.

When you can’t control your environment, you get a gut feeling that something is wrong. It keeps you trapped and in fear of making a move.

But if you’re too focused on what you can’t control, the opportunities for what you can are gone.

, Episode #199 – Letting go of Control with Dr. Nathan Fite, Founder, Cincinnati Anxiety Center

In this episode, you’ll learn how to loosen the grips on life and accept uncertainty for a new level of freedom.

Show highlights  include:

  • How to stop demonizing your anxiety for a safer environment today (8:20)
  • The most common anxiety disorders (15:19)
  • How to let go of control and get in tune with your environment with the Evolutionary Perspective (19:55)
  • How to accept things you can’t change and let go of the suffering with the Marsha Linehan formula (22:42)
  • The T.I.P.P. Way to cope through your next anxious moment (25:11)
  • A mindful approach to feeling safer in the world and getting excited about new experiences (27:57)
  • The surprising indicator that you’re ready to seek help (and the first steps in getting there) (29:40)



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