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Break the “I’m so Busy” Cycle with this Powerful Shift

January 23, 2024

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Let’s go on a journey together, shall we? I want to explore together the art of living with purpose, finding our own rhythm, and relishing each moment without overwhelm. I’m just so bored with “busy,” and so tired of all of us competing in a race to nowhere. I want us to flip the script on our crazy, chaotic lives and uncover the secret to a more serene and fulfilling existence. It’s time to break free from the hustle and bask in the beauty of a more relaxed and intentional way of living.

As I write this, a set of lyrics echoes in my mind: “I’m in a hurry to get things done, I just rush and rush until life’s no fun.”  Is this the anthem for our generation of women? Is this hurried lifestyle truly the theme song we want for our lives? I’m kind of done with it. If we weren’t so busy being so busy, I wonder who we would be?

If you’re stuck in this cycle of busyness, I’m speaking directly to you today. I’ve identified three unhelpful patterns that contribute to the overwhelming busyness. These patterns create a cycle of overcommitment, leaving us with little room for intentional living. Let’s explore each pattern or attribute here:

  1. Reactive: How often do we find ourselves tossed around by external demands, lacking control over our time? It can feel like a pinball machine, reacting to everything that comes our way and just landing where we’re pushed. This way of living can leave us feeling overwhelmed and drained.
  2. Rushed: Juggling from one commitment to another leaves little to no room for recovery. We can do “rushed” for a specific period of time or purpose, but when we push the boundaries on this so far that it becomes our lifestyle, it’s just not sustainable. 
  3. Unrealistic: This is really at the root of our suffering – our addiction to multitasking. When we’re in over our heads and are unable to say no to things, it leads to a pile of obligations that we attempt to juggle simultaneously, and we feel like we’re not doing any of it well.

Now that I’ve shown you some patterns that probably resonate, I’ve got good news to share – there’s an antidote! Let’s explore three descriptors for a powerful shift that offers a path to a more fulfilling way of life. 

  1. Purposeful: The first shift involves moving from a reactive mindset to a purposeful one. It’s about setting schedules intentionally and choosing where to invest our precious time. Creating a pause between an ask and the answer allows us to break free from autopilot decision-making.
  2. Paced: Finding a rhythm in your life that can be sustained allows for breathing room and recovery. Recognizing the need for margin in our daily schedules helps us manage the unexpected and maintain a healthy balance between exertion and recovery.
  3. Present: Let’s commit to doing one thing at a time and being where we are. By putting down our devices and fully engaging in activities, we savor and enjoy life’s moments, fostering gratitude and awareness.

I can’t wait to explore this powerful shift with you – one that takes us from a reactive, rushed, and unrealistic lifestyle to a life that is purposeful, paced, and present. Let’s break free from the cycle of busyness and experience a gentler, more fulfilling way of living. 

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