September 2018 | Cherylanne Skolnicki

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Ready to slay this dragon?

Cute, for sure. And I like her attitude. Because a weak money mindset is no laughing matter. Money is one of those subjects that many women shy away from but it’s more clear to me than ever that if we don’t start talking about it, we’re never going to reach our full potential. So today…

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Episode #47 – Bounce Back: How to Build Resilience After Setbacks

Resilience is your ability to adapt and bounce back when things don’t go according to plan. Resilient people don’t flounder or dwell on their setbacks. They acknowledge what’s happened, learn from their mistake, pick themselves up, and move forward. In today’s show, you’re going to discover 3 keys to help you tap into the power…

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Do you need to give yourself some grace?

Sometimes we have days that don’t go as planned. Sometimes we’re a little worse for the wear by the time evening arrives. I’m learning the secret to getting to the next day with my spirit in tact involves a little resilience and a lot of grace. This quote hangs in my home: Finish each day…

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Episode #46 – What are you afraid of?

Fear just might be our biggest challenge to living a happy, fulfilling, and productive life. When you ask most people what their biggest fear is, they say failure. But is that really true? Fear may be the single biggest thing that keeps us from achieving our goals, causing us to shrink back from what we…

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