January 2018 | Cherylanne Skolnicki

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Episode #14 – Are you ready to step into your potential?

There is absolutely nothing more exciting than stepping into your potential! Today we’re going to talk about what’s possible when you play BIGGER in your life. We’ll talk about how to shut down any messages that are holding you back and welcome in the messages that encourage you to expand. Get ready to dwell in…

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Who are you when you are most yourself?

Craft stores are like a foreign country to me. They’re wildly interesting to visit, and I’m captivated by the endless treasures their aisles hold, but while there, I am a stranger in a strange land. This week, I made a forced expedition to Joann Fabrics to buy sewing notions for a project my child has to…

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Episode #13 – Exhausted? Put down the coffee and try this.

Most of us are misdiagnosing our exhaustion. We feel tired but we think it’s because we’re not getting enough exercise…or maybe its age… or maybe its hormonal. So we shrug our shoulders and refuel mid-day with coffee or sugar. But what ends up happening is that short term jolt masks the REAL reason we feel…

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Drive Dark Doubt Away

Another January is nearly gone, and with it, your belief that life can be better than it is today may be fading a bit. You’ve spent this month: scribbling resolutions on the backs of napkins and receipts, filling your shopping cart with organizing bins and binders, buying journals and daily planners, vowing to become more of something…

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