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What Gets Scheduled is What Gets Done

I have a thing for calendars. And planners. And to do lists. And especially Evernote, my mission control center. If you give me a stolen 15 minutes, I’m probably going to use it to scribble out a list or a plan on the nearest flat surface or screen. You could rightfully call me a little obsessed. But this thing…

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It’s Okay to Take a Break

You may have noticed I haven’t posted a blog in two weeks. (Or maybe you haven’t. Which is exactly my point!) I needed a break and I took one. I had a million-and-one things going on in my life and blogging just wasn’t going to fit. And guess what! It all turned out okay. The world is still…

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How do you want to feel today?

Every morning when my iPhone alarm goes off, I’m confronted with a simple question. “How do you want to feel today?”  It’s a little note I wrote to myself that I set as the memo on that alarm, and it’s my daily reminder that I get to choose. So do you. How do you want to feel today?…

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Why Our “Hurry Up” Culture Is Broken

Walk into any store in your neighborhood and you’ll see just how intrigued we are by the allure of instant results. The claims blare forth from every product label and magazine cover. We’re living in a culture that flat out expects everything to happen effortlessly and overnight – you’ll see it’s true as we expectantly fill our carts…

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When you’re in over your head

My youngest daughter learned to swim this summer. I held my own breath as she slipped under the water, legs fluttering and arms twirling, pushing, striving, reaching, until she resurfaced, breathless, on the other side of the pool. My pride was surpassed only by her exuberance as she exhaled mightily, gulped in oxygen and fresh air, and exclaimed, goggles raised to her forehead,…

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