July 2016 | Cherylanne Skolnicki

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We are always becoming

My husband and I sat our children down for a little 80’s education this weekend in the form of a family movie night at home. The feature film?  Back to the Future, of course. What a trip. Between the 1985 flashbacks and the reminder of just how perfect Michael J. Fox was in that film, we were all mesmerized.…

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You are allowed to want

I’ve been in a lot of conversations lately with coaching clients about dreams. It’s a big piece of the ground we’re covering in Life Design Boot Camp, and it’s one of my very favorite elements of the program. But all of this focus has made me notice something. We are not so good at talking about dreams.  In fact, most…

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There’s no “Ta-Da” without a To Do

My six year old and I had an enlightening discussion about piano last night. She expressed an interest in playing and I gleefully launched into a long-winded plan to help her accomplish this as though I’d been waiting my whole life for an interest to be expressed. I was DELIGHTED. She was NOT. My sweetheart of…

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Summer Reading Recommendations

I get asked for book recommendations a lot, which delights me because I love to read and I love to share what I’ve read! I’m forever pressing a book into someone’s hands and telling them they just have to read it. Of course, I love a good summer beach read as much as the next girl, but…

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Why You Need a Wind Down Routine

I was speaking with a coaching client this week, and as I listened to her fire off a list of things she’d done that day, I literally sat back in my chair and exhaled FOR her! She was so wound up I thought she might take off into the air right before my eyes. It…

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