November 2015 | Cherylanne Skolnicki

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When it comes to presents, this one is for you!

For weeks now, my five year old has been haphazardly hiding presents around the house like some sort of Christmas Elf in training. She’s wrapping anything she can get her hot little hands on in scraps of paper and bits of ribbon, and then squirreling them away in corners with a finger to her lips and a loud…

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Is It Go Time?

Over the past several weeks I’ve coached three entrepreneurs through their launches – that big day when they release a new piece of work into the world for the very first time. If you’ve never done this yourself you would not believe the amount of energy that must be summoned to actually push the GO LIVE button on a…

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Anything or Everything – It’s your choice

Courtney Martin offers a show stopping quote in her book, Perfect Girls, Starving Daughters, in which she writes, “We are a generation of young women who were told we could do anything and instead heard that we had to be everything.”     I wish that didn’t hit home for me as squarely as it does. Ouch. Learning to make…

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You need this vegetable minestrone soup recipe

I sat down to write this morning and all I could think about was soup. Maybe it’s the weather, or maybe I’m just hungry, but I really think the best gift I can give you today is this recipe. I’m a soup girl through and through – nothing makes me happier than chopping a bunch of vegetables and ending…

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What’s blocking your view?

Have you ever played the children’s game in which  you hold your thumb out at arm’s length and close one eye, as you attempt to cover up an object in the distance with your thumb? You finally get it covered with perfect precision….and then you make one tiny change. You switch which eye is closed.  All of a sudden…

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