September 2015 | Cherylanne Skolnicki

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Doing it All or Doing it Well?

My daughter informed me last night after volleyball practice that she’s not going to be in her school choir this year. Rehearsals begin tomorrow, and frankly, I’d assumed she was all in! This is a girl who loves to sing and who loves God so singing about God makes choir a no brainer. Or so I thought. When I…

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Who has your ear? An introduction to podcasting.

I used to just abhor spending time in my car alone. This is incredibly unfortunate because as a mom of three, I spend a ridiculous amount of time behind the wheel. It just always seemed so unproductive, as though little snippets of my life were being cast off into the wind. I tried to fix the situation, but I…

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What if you CAN?

Well, hello there. Yep, you. The one with that idea in the back of your mind. That idea that keeps surfacing even though you keep pushing it back again and again. I know you don’t think it’s possible. But what if it is?  What if you really can do it? What if you actually do have what it takes?  What if…

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How to get a fresh perspective without lifting a finger

Every now and then, my kids think it’s hilarious to switch seats with one another at the dinner table. They include their very accommodating parents in the event as they shuffle placemats and silverware around the table like little leprechauns before clamoring into their new seats. They proceed to spend the whole meal cracking themselves up about how different everything appears from their…

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Envy on. Envy off. Is it really that easy?

Several months ago, I noticed that my time spent on Facebook was not entirely, shall we say, productive. The same was true of Instagram. And Twitter. Much of my time on these sites was quite good, of course; it was informative, or entertaining, or both. I truly love staying up to date on the happenings of my friends and family…

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