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What moms could learn from a GPS

As a working mother, at this time of year I feel like I’m staring at the GPS of my life and it’s stuck on that all-too-familiar screen that simply reads, “Recalculating.” With new school schedules, sports schedules, activity schedules, meal times, bus times, dropoff and pickup times, homework times, and bedtimes….everything is one big tangle…

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Is it selfish to hire help?

I still remember the first day I paid someone to clean my house. (Gulp.) Before I made the call to hire someone, I had tossed the idea around in my mind for years. I kept telling myself that it was an unnecessary luxury. I really could do it myself. My mother always did and still does. It would…

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To everything there is a season

My baby started kindergarten today. I couldn’t write about anything else if I tried. Today is her day, yet it also marks a change of seasons for our whole family, and we’re keenly aware of it. As my parents and my husband and I paraded the kids to the bus stop this morning, snapping photos and adjusting backpacks,…

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Why are Working Moms Crying Once a Week?

A survey by found that one in four working moms cry once a week due to the stress of “having it all.” Beyond that, 80% of us feel stressed about getting everything done and 79% feel that we are falling behind. I’m SO busy. You would not believe my to do list today. My house is a wreck…

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My Healthy Lunch Formula + 10 Lunch Ideas

As school begins, lots of us are adding a new task to our morning checklist – packing healthy lunches (that our children will actually eat). I’m gearing up for the lunch-packing marathon in my own house, so I thought I’d dig back into my bag of tricks from my years at Nourish to share some ideas that can save you precious time…

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