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Are You In Over Your Head?

My youngest daughter learned to swim this summer. I held my own breath as she slipped under the water, legs fluttering and arms twirling, pushing, striving, reaching, until she resurfaced, breathless, on the other side of the pool. My pride was surpassed only by her exuberance as she exhaled mightily, gulped in oxygen and fresh air, and exclaimed, goggles raised to her forehead,…

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Why I broke an important rule – on purpose

Last week I broke the Cardinal Rule of Bloggers. Moreover, I did it on purpose. As a rules-follower-to-the-bone, this came as a surprise even to me! So let me elaborate. I didn’t publish a blog post last week. (Gasp!) That may not sound like a big deal to you, but in my line of work, not publishing is a…

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How You’ll Know When It’s Time

I’m willing to bet there is something you are thinking about doing, and you’re wondering how you’ll know if it’s really time. I’ve lost track of how often I’ve been seated across from a strong, impassioned, talented woman who was wondering aloud how she could know for sure if her time was now. Let me share…

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For What Will You Take A Stand?

It was just a simple wooden kitchen table. If I hadn’t seen the sign I might have walked past it altogether. It was a little worse for the wear, and totally ordinary, except that this table held a story. Stationed now in the Museum of American History in Washington DC, it had once belonged to the Brown family…

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